About Us

At Cthulhumaniacs, we're passionate about all things Lovecraftian and whimsical. As avid roleplayers, tabletop gamers, and video game enthusiasts, we sought refuge in the boundless territories of our imagination during the global pandemic. And as COVID-19 transformed the world, we gracefully adapted by embracing digital platforms like Roll20 and Tabletop Simulator.

In these peculiar times, we conceived the brainchild that is Cthulhumaniacs. Our aspiration was to create a space for sharing the most striking, hilarious, and thought-provoking events and images birthed from our games, dialogues, and pandemic experiences. We endeavored to capture the essence of cosmic horror and whimsy that made us chuckle, even as the world seemingly spiraled into pandemonium.

Cthulhumaniacs is our labor of love, dedicated to delivering exceptional and amusing products that celebrate the fusion of mirth and Lovecraftian horror. We invite you to join us on this expedition into the unknown, where we chortle in the face of the abyss and find solace in the communal joy of creativity and imagination.

Our products are designed to bring a touch of cosmic horror and humor to your everyday life, whether you're a die-hard Lovecraft fan or simply enjoy unique and whimsical products. We're committed to delivering exceptional customer service and quality products that will delight and inspire you.

Welcome to our delightful universe of cosmic horror and laughter - welcome to Cthulhumaniacs- putting the human back into Cosmic Horror!